We can overcome deception.

  Dear, American

  Traditional western cultural values(you) are a threat, to tyrannical rulers attempting to overtake the world.   In order to implement their dictatorship, the US must change, be defeated or disabled. Using every tool at their disposal, media, politics and the gullibility of our people.  We could be easily be deceived and divided, half of the population would never realize what has happened, even as our Constitution and our rights are bypassed.  Be warned this Infiltration could reach as high as the White House.

  The UN has been “helping” Africa for years, Rwanda, Darfur... the distribution of aid which often benefits war lords and international crooks(e.g., oil for food).  Will we be so foolish as to elect a president who wants the UN to police the US arsenal, a man who sponsors the “Global Poverty act“, a seemingly noble effort to tax the entire US economy so that the UN can redistribute our money.  Imagine, suddenly our entire economy is about to collapse, we are forced to take drastic measures without proper investigation, all on the word of a president that many do not trust. Yes, even your people are fooled again.  It is entirely possible, we will wake up to change we do not want to believe, imagine African–UN troops policing America.  This is no more bias than saying the Taliban seeks to destroy Westerners.  This is just as true and likely as, 9/11, or our economic crises.

  Even in the event of apparent defeat, we can maintain our country through our traditions, likewise a country can be overthrown by assuming the traditions of another.  If we go for this “change we can believe in“ transformation will rise to the point of acceptance or submission.

   Uncertainly often is the trigger for change, change full of, instability, false hopes and again utter disappointment.  We must at least compromise by returning to our former values, those that saved the world from Hitler.  Like the civil war—many people had to suffer in order to insure freedom for all people.  Are you willing to nullify all the rights we have fought and died for, or will we rise to the occasion setting aside less critical differences.  This is about harmonizing our efforts for the greater good of all people.

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  When Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the house we awaited a magical time of change, this change never came.  Will we put our faith on that mind set all over again? We all remember when we were young, making blind assumptions that we were always right and our parents wrong.  Anyone who has matured realizes we were wrong on many occasions, some people look back and say I should have listened to my parents.  Many now are asking why they took out that mortgage.

  Often we try so hard to gain our children's acceptance, we become friends rather than parents.  It is astonishing how many people are swayed towards this cult like movement by youth unaware of our true heritage and accomplishments.   We fail to see the truth, main stream America is becoming the intolerant censor denying all that has made us great, for example these biblical words “all men are created equal”.  You assume that your ideals of world unity and acceptance of unnatural acts are a benefit to humanity.  Everything under this new “model society” has further divided people here and abroad: violence, diseases, Genocide, .....

  These are precarious times like, the Rise and fall of Hitler, the fall of the roman empire.  They are gone in terms of physical existence, but alive and well in the thoughts of humanity.  In the man made realm of awareness any person regardless of their outward appearance could adopt a Hitler like stance, viewing themselves as perfect.  Hitler blamed the Jews, who will the next Hitler blame, White people, Asians or the mistakes of imperfect men (mere mortals)?

  When populations are convinced that change is necessary often they abandon conservatism, surrender and submit or act out violently.  Youth are even more susceptible due to inexperience in life and false feelings of righteousness without merit.  Words used by those desiring to become rulers reflect their own personal views: “Blueprint for America”, “world leader”, “master/plan” and “those who have oppressed us”…

  People are going insane yet we still refuse to open our eyes, we fail to recognize our own faults.  Non- basis scientific facts pertaining to race, gender, life and the earth are mocked and dismissed, is the world flat, yes, if that compliments your thinking?  You narrow the selection of information our children can ponder.  You demand that law prohibits citizens from becoming exposed to words like, do not steal, do not murder and love your neighbor.  You assume your actions are perfect as the world collapses around you, the center of the universe.  We are making the same mistakes that tolerated slavery.  Wake up now, take heed, everyone is right everyone is wrong, at the same time there is a perfect plan out there, however it is certainly not the one we are pursuing.

  Soon we can elect a man that truly understands what it is like to have nothing, too suffer.  A man with a life time of experiences.  If his plan doesn't sound all that charming it is because it is a realistic plan.  On the other hand you can choose a person virtually unknown to us, with no tangible proof of loyalty, just slogans, put his media aside, ignore his brilliant award wining act.  His real plan is more insidious than that of Stalin.  The people who back him use their power to intimate and mock good people that are attempting to stop the overthrow of our government.  Please we implore you do what is right.  Give America one more chance.

Sincerely; WE THE PEOPLE

  Please, be objective– click links bellow– Ask yourself what is being withheld from us, what is happening to us? Caution, it is not your mind; They that control our perceptions have blocked us from reality.

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